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Hosted IP PBX

The Power of a PBX without Capital Investment, Staff Support, or Wasted Office Space

Hosted IP PBX represents a paradigm shift from traditional PBX solutions. With the a Hosted IP PBX, you minimize the capital costs. The system gives you the flexibility to grow quickly or change for seasonal business. It provides support for temporary locations and gives you a single system to handle multiple offices. All this combined with enterprise-level features, an easy to use Web interface and the ability for you to choose your equipment and your local carrier make for an unrivaled communication solution.

Similar features to Premise-based PBX:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Dial by name
  • Dial by extension
  • Dial by department

Additional Features

  • Disaster recovery
  • Toll free number management
    • Change ring-to number
    • Change the IVR
  • Dual find-me follow-me
    • call screening
    • time of day routing
    • preferred caller by-pass
  • Voicemail options
    • unified messaging - voicemail sent as email
    • archive and retrieve
  • Inbound electronic fax
    • delivered to your email inbox
    • each employee
    • each department
  • Never busy fax
  • Web-based administration
  • Dynamic company directory

Hosted IP PBX Solutions Work Well With Other Services

  • Carrier agnostic
    • Uses central office features - Call Forward Busy, Call Forward No Answer, and Call Transfer
    • No number portability required
    • No numbers held hostage
  • Technology agnostic - Hosted IP PBX can work with:
    • Analog phones
    • PBXs using trunks or ISDN-PRI
    • Voice over IP phones
    • Mobile phones
  • Geographically agnostic
    • Domestic US availability
    • Multi-office Support in the same PBX

Replacement of a PBX

There are no Hosted IP PBX usage charges when the call comes from your local carrier to your desk phone. If you miss the call or are on the phone, the call forward busy or call forward no answer routes the call to the Hosted IP PBX. The Hosted IP PBX has all of the features listed above. You can point a toll free or local number directly to the Hosted IP PBX and have the auto attendant take the call.

Supplementing an Existing PBX

Many companies wishing to add features to an older PBX or wanting to implement voice disaster recovery can use the Hosted IP PBX to accomplish their goals. Calls are processed normally through the PBX. The PBX is programmed to re-route the call to the Hosted IP PBX depending on the business rule defined.

For instance if you wish to outsource your voicemail, you would simply program your PBX to forward the caller to a pre-defined Hosted IP PBX access number in the event of a no answer or busy. To replace an answering service, you would simply forward all calls to the Hosted IP PBX after hours and implement call screening. There are many ways that the Hosted IP PBX can supplement an existing phone system. Give us a call. We would be happy to discuss your particular needs.

In the case of disaster recovery, call forward busy and call forward no answer at the end of the hunt group or a secondary call path on the circuit would route calls to the Hosted PBX. You would define the features and the call routing for this event.

Benefits of a Hosted IP PBX Service

Here are some of the ways a hosted IP PBX service can benefit your business:

  • True convergence of voice, data, internet, and video networks is made possible by using a single access arrangement (T1/DS3/Ethernet, etc.) to transmit and receive all of your services and applications. Hosted IP PBX facilitates the migration to converged networks.
  • Services are available on a month-to-month basis. Cancel with no penalty at any time.
  • Inbound toll free traffic can be directly routed to the Hosted IP PBX or only after you have had a chance to answer the call.
  • Handles calls missed only (no answer or busy only) so a small percentage of calls result in usage charges.
  • Hosted IP PBX options and user profiles can be user maintained reducing maintenance charges.
  • No need to buys expensive features or capacity from your phone vendor. Use the hosted IP PBX service as a supplement to your premise-based PBX.
  • Receiving your voice mail as an email attachment permits you to archive and retrieve messages.
  • Supports multiple locations with minimal effort and within the same system.
  • Disaster Recovery - All unanswered calls are handled by the hosted IP PBX and can be routed away from the disaster.
  • Scalable - Hosted IP PBX services are scalable and can help you avoid costly system expansions.
  • Customizable - You can design a customized solution for your business.

Who Should Use a Hosted IP PBX Service

  • Start up companies
  • Companies with multiple locations
  • Companies inside metro areas, but particularly companies outside metro areas
  • Companies wishing to supplement their existing phone system with features
  • Small businesses with customer service desks, sales personnel and help desks needing to use the Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) and avoid the high cost of IVR/ACD systems and maintenance
  • Companies that have temporary or seasonal offices
  • Companies with remote or home-based users that need to be a part of the company PBX
  • Companies looking to implement disaster recovery for their voice communications
  • Companies that have a single administrator for multiple offices
  • Locations that have multiple companies in a single building
  • Companies needing simple IVR applications
  • Locations where VoIP options are unavailable or cost-prohibitive
  • Companies looking to change, upgrade, replace or install a phone system

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What Our Customers Say

"Our old PBX was holding us back. We wanted to converge our voice, data, and Internet services over one network but our PBX made that impractical. Moving to a hosted IP PBX enabled us to converge our networks and reduce our costs."