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August/September 2005

Meet Cassie Adams, Operations Manager

Providing all of the “back office” customer and partner support for King Communications assures that Operations Manager Cassie Adams’ days are full of variety and challenge. Cassie, a telecom industry veteran whose career began with Qwest Communications, has been with King Communications for three years. She enjoys the opportunity to apply her telecommunications skills and knowledge to solve customer problems and assure that their mission critical telecommunications services are installed and maintained effectively.

“Here at King Communications, we provide a full range of telecommunications services to our customers through our telecom partner companies,” Cassie explained. “When a customer needs a new service or is having a service problem, my job is to assure that the customer has service up and working as soon as possible. It is really satisfying when I’m able to solve a problem and get a customer’s service restored in a hurry.”

Cassie noted that one of the most important changes in the telecom industry lately has been the increased competition in local service. “Now that many of our partners provide local service, King Communications is able to provide a full range of telecommunications services, from local voice service to data, broadband, and more.”

As to what the future holds, Cassie noted that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) seems to be achieving wider acceptance, a trend likely to continue in the future. “The quality of voice transmission over the Internet has improved greatly, and that coupled with the cost savings seems likely to attract more and more businesses. It’s no longer experimental technology.”

Married and a busy mother of two (Tyler age, 9 and Kaleigh, age 4), Cassie’s non-work time is filled with family activities and a busy schedule of football practice for Tyler and ballet and singing for Kaleigh.

Struggling to Keep Your Communications System Up to Date? Hosted PBX May Be the Answer

Businesses of all sizes struggle with the challenges of dynamic change in everything from technology to the economy. If your company is like many businesses, you may have employees working from home or at temporary locations. Or you may operate a seasonal business. Your communications system is vital to successful operations, and must be flexible enough to meet changing needs, business emergencies, and recover from disasters. Often these features in many communications systems come at a cost that may be prohibitive and involve investment in assets that your company has trouble cost-justifying.

Hosted PBX service from King Communications can provide the solution. Created as a turnkey application accessed via traditional voice networks, without expensive hardware installed at the business, a hosted PBX offers functionality for a price that even a small business can afford including:

  • Auto attendant, which offers call routing options including ringing a sequence of numbers or groups, playing recordings, or initiating find me-follow me sequences
  • Voice mail, including the option of sending a voicemail message to any email address
  • Dynamic online directory including dial by name, dial by extension number, and dial by department number
  • Disaster recovery, which ensures that the system remains in operation in the case of a power failure or other disaster
  • Easy web based user administration, which lets you make changes in your system yourself, without costly maintenance charges
  • In addition, Hosted PBX works with any brand of telephone and any communication technology including regular telephone lines, cellular phones, PBX trunks, and ISDN lines.

    Think of Hosted PBX as a supplement to your phone system, providing features your current phone system lacks plus continued operations when your phone system fails or during a period of emergency.

    For more information about Hosted PBX solutions for your business, call King Communications at 888-776- 7777 for more information or visit our web site at www.kingcommunications.com.

    DSL Deregulation Sparks Controversy

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in early August reclassified DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service, the high-speed Internet service offered by telephone companies, (SBC, Verizon, Qwest, BellSouth) as an "information service." The ruling puts telephone companies on the same regulatory footing as cable companies, which are exempt from having to offer access on their infrastructure to competing Internet service providers.

    The controversy:

  • The telephone companies contend that the ruling will free up more of their resources to improve their broadband services.
  • On the other hand, Consumers Union, a national consumer group, says DSL deregulation could cause broadband prices to rise and give consumers fewer choices.
  • In addition, this decision may have the potential to harm independent ISPs (Internet Service Providers), such as Earthlink. According to the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), a trade group representing several Internet firms, the decision to deregulate DSL could drive many ISPs out of business. According to Harris Miller, ITAA president, “The FCC rule would "condemn consumers to higher prices, fewer choices, lower service quality, and reduced innovation.”

    Only time will tell what the actual impact on the broadband industry and broadband prices will be. The FCC intends to monitor DSL services over the next year.

  • Sprint-Nextel Merger Creates Wireless Giant

    The merger of Sprint and Nextel, which was completed on August 15, creates an entity with 44.6 million mobile phone subscribers. What does that mean to all of these subscribers and other consumers?

    To get federal regulators' approval of their merger, Sprint and Nextel agreed to roll out a new broadband wireless service to cover a broad range of consumers. Sprint agreed to set up its 2.5-gigahertz services so they would reach 15 million Americans by 2009 and 30 million Americans by 2011. Sprint and Nextel own a 2.5-gigahertz spectrum that covers about 80% of big U.S. cities, including New York and Los Angeles. Regulators wanted to ensure that there would be healthy competition in wireless markets.

    And what happens to Sprint’s local telephone service business? Sprint’s local telecommunications business has approximately 7.5 million local access lines in 18 states. Sprint Nextel plans to seek regulatory approvals to spin off the local telecommunications business as a separate entity. The local telecommunications business will have its own management team and board of directors, consisting of an equal number of designees from Sprint and Nextel and will be headquartered in Kansas City.

    In This Issue:

  • Meet Cassie Adams - Operations Manager

  • Struggling to Keep Your Communications System Up to Date? Hosted PBX May Be the Answer

  • DSL Deregulation Sparks Controversy

  • Sprint-Nextel Merger Creates Wireless Giant

  • Cassie's Tip Corner

  • Communications News You Can Use!

    Is Your Business Growing? A Flexible Communications System Can Help

    As your business grows, you may be opening new locations or increasing the number of employees who work from home or remote offices. Keeping all of the crucial parts of your business operation effectively linked together becomes more challenging and vital, and your current communications system may not be up to the challenge.

    A hosted PBX system from King Communications could be the answer. Hosted PBX can supplement your existing phone system, providing features your current system lacks.

    Give me a call at 888-776-7777 to find out more about how your business can solve this costly problem.

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    Ron Bohm, President
    King Communications

    Cassie's Tip Corner

    If you have issues with your Outbound Long Distance dialing, please gather 2 or 3 call samples before contacting Cassie to open a trouble ticket.

    The call samples should include the following details:

  • Date of call

  • Time of call

  • Number or circuit that call was dialed from

  • Number being dialed

  • Outcome of call (i.e., fast busy, dead air, etc.)

  • This information will expedite the resolution of the trouble issue.

    About King Communications

    King Communications, Inc. helps you select, implement and support the best, most cost effective telecommunications solutions for your company. We provide a single point of contact for all your communication needs and make it transparent to you that multiple vendors may be providing your service. When you choose King Communications, Inc. as your telecom partner, you can be assured that your telecommunications services will produce results for your business, leaving you free to focus on managing your business.

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