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KING COMMUNICATIONS is a telecommunications services sales organization. Our customers depend on us to help them make sound decisions in their choice of telecom products and services. We are focused exclusively on the business market. Our customers know they don't have the time to search for the best solutions for their needs. They come to us for our expertise.

What we do

We help your company select, implement and support appropriate telecommunications solutions. We focus on your company's goals and business needs to develop sound, affordable telecommunications services recommendations. We handle all the research, proposals, phone calls and paperwork. Then, once you decide what you want, we install it and support it. We audit your first invoice to be certain your new service is correctly billed. When you choose King Communications as your telecom partner, you can be assured that your telecommunications services will produce results for your business.

How we do it

We have strong working relationships with leading public IP over Ethernet or TDM, MPLS, VPLS, private line, long distance, local (TDM/integrated access, hosted VoiP), conferencing (audio, web, video), and hosted service providers (data centers and infrasture as a service) enabling us to help you find more affordable programs and promotions to keep you ahead of budget.

Our partners

We have strategic partnerships with the top service providers in the industry including CenturyLink, Smoothstone, Masergy, Level 3, XO and many other leading companies. We are also proud to be an active member of The Agent Alliance, and Rotary International.

What our customers say about us

"Working with King Communications makes managing the network so much easier. King provides a single point of contact, is an advocate on my behalf for any issues that come up, and provides the same or better rates. I really enjoy having just one phone number to call to get all my questions answered."

"King Communications interfaced with different vendors to get us the products and services that best met our needs, made sure everything worked to our satisfaction, and helped us keep costs down. King Communications manages all our account relationships with our service providers and is our single point of contact for any issues we encounter. They manage our telecommunications so we can focus on managing our business"

"Competition is intense in this industry, and it is crucial for us to be able to provide the kind of technological support that our customers expect. We look to King Communications to handle all of our technological and communications needs. King Communications works with the vendors to find the best buys for us, coordinates all vendor activities, and leaves us to focus on our core business."

"Before working with King Communications, we had to repeatedly contact our service provider to fight for billing credits or to solve network issues. Now, we have only to notify King Communications and they work with the service provider until a resolution is reached. We get status updates from King Communications so we know progress is being made."

"KSB's relationship with King Communications began about seven years ago, when we were trying to consolidate our telephone services and billing. With so many different small telephone companies in this area, King Communications now manages all of our services for us, saving us time, money and aggravation. They provide a single point of contact for us, regardless of the problem or need."

"King Communications has done an excellent job of finding the best, most cost-effective service providers for all of our telecommunications services. They bridge the gap with their ability to explain telecom alternatives. And they save me time and money by keeping track of the end dates of all of my telecom service contracts and recommending the best alternatives when it is time to sign a new contract. I would recommend King Communications to any business."

"We have been pleased with the service provided by King Communications. We are in the computer business -- that is our focus and our passion. We do not have in-house telecom expertise and King Communications has done a good job of recommending cost effective services to us. Moreover, we can count on King Communications to step up to the plate in an emergency. For instance, when one of our service providers suddenly went out of business, leaving us without service, King Communications quickly found an alternative and had us back up to speed in a hurry."

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