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Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPNs connect distant IP networks.

Less expensive than private point to point networks for long distances, more secure and robust than frame relay, VPN is the technology of choice for IP applicaitons on wide area networks.


What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network is a secure, virtual network that utilizes IP routing to create virtual tunnels connecting customer routers either through the public internet or through private fiber networks set aside by your service provider just for private IP traffic. VPN is the fast track technology for connecting multiple LANS into WANS. Using the common TCP/IP protocol, VPNs easily and efficiently communicate data, imaging, video, and voice between multiple locations. VPN provides seamless local-to-global connectivity

Network VPN

Low Capital Expenditure Solutions

Qwest Network VPN Qwest Communications(TM)

Just A Router Needed

Ordinary VPNs require the user to invest in a router, a firewall, encryption, and tunneling software at each VPN port. In addition to the front end investment, ordinary VPNs require highly skilled network administrators to maintain all the hardware and software. This can get very costly and can prevent some applications from being approved.

The Qwest Network VPN is a more cost-effective approach. The user only needs a common router as basic as a Cisco 1720. All the encryption, encapsulation, and tunneling capabilities are built into the Network VPN cloud freeing the user from substantial investment and maintenance.

Bypass the Unmanaged Internet

A Network VPN also has the advantage of not needing the public internet for packet transport. Ordinary VPNs must use the internet and subject their traffic to unpredictable and unmanaged congestion and latency. A Network VPN uses a private IP network set aside by the service provider for Network VPN traffic only. As a managed network, the service provider can engineer performance and issue Service Level Agreements (SLA's) which guarantee performance backed by credits if the guarantees are not met.
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Qwest Network VPN Service Level Agreement

CoverageBacked by Credits
100.0% network availability1 day credit for ea. cumulative hour of outage.
50ms network delay10% to 20% of monthly charges.
99.5% packet lossUp to 10% of monthly charges.
Process non-urgent admin-
istrative requests within 24 hours
Up to 10% of monthly charges.
Process VPN repairs within 4 hoursUp to 10% of monthly charges.

Key Benefits when Ordering VPN from King Communications

  • King Communications will quote several highly qualified VPN options saving you the time and effort of shopping for the best fit.
  • King Communications will help guide you in the selection of VPN hardware and in the specification of your VPN.
  • After your VPN is ordered, King Communications will help expedite the delivery and coordinate the installation of your VPN ports and local loops.
  • After your VPN is installed, King Communications will serve as your account manager and interface to the VPN service provider saving you countless hours of waiting in customer service and trouble management queues.

VPN Key Benefits

  • Use your VPN ports as internet gateway ports using the same network bandwidth.
  • Direct connectivity to remote locations through the use of encrypted, encapsulated IP packets transmitted via secure VPN "tunnels".
  • Automatic IP routing around network router failures within milliseconds.
  • Expand your private VPN easily into other countries without expensive mileage sensitive private lines.
  • Network managers can review critical VPN performance data online.
  • Combine your dedicated internet access charges with your VPN charges to obtain combined volume pricing.

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