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Telecommunications Audit

Our telecommunications expense audit services provide cost savings, management and productivity tools, consultation, sourcing and other value-added services. Our expense audit services offer significant cost savings and support for a minimal involvement of client time and resources. Companies of all sizes in many different industries use these services. We obtain copies of your telecommunications invoices and contracts for services used. Using this information we obtain refunds and propose changes.

Challenges We Address

Businesses, not-for-profits and government agencies are spending 5 to 35% more than they need to on telecommunications services according to Inc. Magazine's May 2002 issue. Telecommunications is now one of the top five expense categories for most organizations. Our audits cover local, long distance, wireless/paging, Internet, conferencing, faxing, equipment maintenance, and other voice and data services.

Understanding and controlling communications costs has become a key concern for business owners and executives, and telecom and IT managers. This has become increasingly difficult in the face of complex technologies and choices, vendor support problems, and a lack of resources and tools. Numerous studies in recent years have found that the majority of telecom invoices include:

  • locations with suboptimal rate plans
  • vendor billing errors
  • vendor contract enforcement
  • network design flaws
  • asset management negligence
  • failure to track moves/adds/changes
  • fraud and abuse
  • unenforced employee expense policies
  • unnecessary services
  • bill proliferation
  • late fees
  • duplicate payments
  • misapplied taxes
  • "slamming"
  • "cramming"
  • departmental cost allocation errors

Key Benefits

Our expense audit services concentrate on obtaining vendor refunds due to billing errors and recommending actions that will reduce costs on an on-going basis. Cost reduction recommendations include ideas for optimizing existing vendor services, particularly those under contract, and determining opportunities for improvement through new vendors, especially in "niche" areas. Our approach is to evaluate all areas of your company's voice and data communications expenditures. We save clients time, money, confusion and aggravation in collecting and analyzing information, evaluating alternatives, implementing decisions and working with vendors over time.

We collect and analyze information from a variety of sources including bills, contracts, vendor site and service records, client order and accounting information, vendor tariffs and quoted pricing, PBX and call accounting reports, and more. We strive to document existing services and unnecessary services. We assess multiple alternatives relative to your situation and requirements, and against our internal benchmarks. We offer implementation and on-going support.

Our approach is comprehensive and detail oriented. We stand behind our work with a Satisfaction Guarantee. The work we do involves minimal client staff time, so the return on investment is even greater. To help make the audit process simple and risk-free, we primarily are paid on a contingency or results-oriented basis relative to refunds/credits and on-going savings generated.

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