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Broadcast Fax $0.05/page.

Why Broadcast Fax?

  • Less Expensive - Without the labor required to staff a fax machine or an expensive fax service, broadcast fax service passes along savings to your company. By fixing the cost at $0.05 per delivered page (for low density documents), you avoid the cost of wrong numbers and aborted transmissions. When you use our services, you can free up your critical fax machines.
  • Broadcast Fax Service
  • Ease of Use
    • Step 1. Obtain a user id and password by submitting the form below.
    • Step 2. When your welcome email arrives, login at the URL given in the email.
    • Step 3. Upload your list of fax numbers in CSV (comma separated values) format.
    • Step 4. Upload your document to be faxed (using .doc, .xls, .txt, .pdf, .tif, .html, .htm, .gif, .jpg, .pub, .rtf, .wps, .wpd, .cpy, .efx, xif, .pcx, .dcx, .fxd, .fxm or .fxs format.)
    • Step 5. Our server will fax your document to you with an estimated cost for the broadcast (assuming 100% completion.)
    • Step 6. You verify you are pleased with the fax image by returning a validation code and the broadcast will begin.
    • Step 7. Review your comprehensive broadcast management report to determine required list maintenance.

    That is all there is to it! It is 100% automated. Start a broadcast any hour of any day. It is up to you!
  • Full Service - You will receive a test page for you to approve before committing to the broadcast. We provide you with online exception/completion reports that provide you with useful information about your completed broadcast fax jobs. .


For jobs that take 30 seconds or less to transmit, we offer a guaranteed price of $0.05 per delivered page. For longer transmission times, our rate is $0.05 per 30 seconds for delivered pages only.

Benefits of King Communications Broadcast Fax

  • Upload your documents and lists electronically.
  • Receive fax image for your approval before launching broadcast.
  • A $14.85 annual fee provides you with a fax to email phone number which you may use as your personal fax number to send and receive faxes.
  • Pay a ten dollar sign up charge and then pay only for completed faxes you send.
  • No term plan required.
  • No monthly minimum.
  • Broadcast fax from anywhere you can access the internet.
  • Broadcast fax without the hassle of complicated fax software.
  • Rates valid in 48 states. Other rates upon request.
  • Broadcast fax 24-hours per day 7 days-per-week.
  • Receive reports and invoices online.

Minimum Requirements

  • Commercial accounts only.
  • Prompt payment within 10 days of receipt of invoice for other than credit card.
  • Credit application required if not using credit card.
  • Uploaded documents must be created using recent releases of Word, Excel, or Publisher.

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