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Wireless Minimization and Wireless Manager

Our wireless management services offer customers spending over $5,000 per month on 60 or more wireless phones one-time and ongoing wireless savings. We typically produce a savings of 25% or more when we manage wireless usage. Our wireless services consist of two elements: Wireless Manager and Wireless Minimization.

Wireless Manager

More than a one-time fix, our proprietary software continually monitors wireless plans and employee usage to provide you with the very best rates. We track and analyze more than 5,000 plans to deliver recommendations based on actual employee data - all with the carriers you already use. Ongoing bill analyses that reveal inefficient and zero-use phones produce dramatic cost reductions. We are not affiliated with any one carrier. We provide you with completely objective recommendations for minimizing cost of plans, terminating services or controlling misuse. Our Wireless Manager provides you with tools to effectively track how cell phones are used in your business. We offer:
  • Customizable alerts set to your specific criteria.
  • Increased wireless control.
  • Ongoing rate minimization.
  • Reporting tailored to your business.
  • Simplified wireless management.

Wireless Minimizer

This powerful solutions provides results within 60 days of implementation. Through a new patent-pending technology process, wireless billing data assesses specific calling behaviors and usage levels - each call is evaluated for 10 different data points. More than 8,000 available rate plans from all of the major carriers are analyzed to match the single best plan offering for each individual user within their existing carrier. This eliminates the need to change providers, phone numbers or equipment.

Key Benefits

We thoroughly evaluate expensive fee categories such as long distance, roaming, zero-use phones, non-business hour use, international calling, etc. This analysis provides insight into additional savings opportunities beyond rate minimization by addressing how wireless phones are used, and helping management to align usage with company policy.

Other advantages of Wireless Minimizer include:

  • Results are immediate.
  • Requires minimal time investment from our customers.
  • Saves money within 60 days of implementation.
  • Carriers and equipment go unchanged.

Our No-Risk Guarantee

If, within 150 days of cost minimization, you do not realize a 100% return on investment from your Wireless Minimizer, we will refund the difference.

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